Trust our professionals at Enfield Carpet & Flooring Inc. in Enfield, CT, to install your laminate flooring beautifully.

Before Laminate Installation | Enfield Carpet Center Inc

Before Laminate Installation

Before your scheduled laminate installation, we will provide you with instructions, and address any questions you may have. Completing any necessary projects and ensure that subfloor repairs are taken care of prior to the installation day. Please remove furniture and personal belongings from the designated installation area, including emptying closets, before our team arrives.

During Laminate Installation | Enfield Carpet Center Inc

During Laminate Installation

We will work tirelessly to install your new laminate flooring, ensuring its pristine appearance right from the start. To ensure a seamless process, you or another adult should make plans to be present at home on the scheduled installation day to provide access to the installation area and address any last-minute questions or concerns. Make arrangements to keep children and pets out of the rooms where the new floors will be installed to ensure their safety.

After Laminate Installation | Enfield Carpet Center Inc

After Laminate Installation

Following the completion of your laminate flooring installation, you may need to open windows or use fans to eliminate any lingering odors associated with the installation process. In order to let the laminate floors settle properly, it is important to avoid walking on them or replacing furniture for a designated period of time. Should you notice any concerns such as squeaking or gaps, we encourage you to contact us immediately.