Increase the longevity and allure of your tile floors with our guide.

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Tile Spills

Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are, spills are bound to happen. Quickly addressing spills is essential to preventing staining your tile. Blot up any liquid with a clean cloth and sweep away any solids. If any residue remains, use a clean, damp cloth to wipe it up. It is important to refer to your manufacturer's guide before using any cleaning solutions or stain removers to avoid damaging your floors or voiding any warranties.

Daily Tile Care

Daily care is essential for preserving the beauty and longevity of your tile floors. Make it a habit to sweep and dry mop regularly to remove loose dirt and debris. You can also safely wet mop your tile floors to maintain their cleanliness and luster. By incorporating these simple practices, you can safeguard the condition of your tile for many years to come.

Dirt & Debris

Dirt and debris can detract from the beauty of your tile floors and lead to scratching or premature wear and damage. Utilizing doormats at entrances and high-traffic areas can also minimize the amount of dirt tracked onto your tiles. For more stubborn dirt or stains, gentle cleaning solutions recommended by the manufacturer can be used. Taking proactive measures to combat dirt and debris will ensure that your tile floors retain their charm and durability over time.